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Saturday, February 25, 2017

On a Charger

*yes, I'm aware that I changed the preposition...

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hey, It's February, Let's Have some Snow

February Snow by Jeff Carter on

Listening for the Etheric Vibrations of Treason

It’s no secret that U. S. Intelligence agencies had military trained psychics using ESP to monitor the crew members of ROCKET TEAM ONE. (Don’t say that they “spied on the crew,” of course. The U. S. Government does not spy on its citizens.) Even though the crew kept in constant, round-the-clock radio contact with the ground control team at Cape Canaveral, and each of them recorded regular video updates for consumption by the general public through the scandalrags and other news media, the CIA – in rare cooperation with the NSA, the DIA, and the FBI – maintained a team of a dozen psychics in a dimly lit room, in an abandoned building along the shore of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.

These government issued clairvoyants peered through the ether of space to assure their leaders that the crew of ROCKET TEAM ONE was not being controlled or otherwise directed or manipulated by hostile entities – be they foreign, domestic, or extraterrestrial. They didn’t want antagonistic groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, or enemy governments like the New Soviet Arab Alliance to subvert the mission. And the great mysteries of space were too unknown to trust that the crew wouldn’t come under the influence of beings, or life-forces, or demonic entities from other parts of the galaxy. 

So the psychics of PROJECT SUNSTREAK (officially begun in 1977 as PROJECT GONDALA WISH, closed in 1995, and reopened two years before the launch of ROCKET TEAM ONE) using remote viewing, tarot cards, and catoptromancy (that is the prediction of future events with a mirror) monitored (never spied upon) the crew. These secret agents, known as specularii, watched for unregulated use of communications equipment, suspicious secretive behavior, and erratic sleep patterns, and listened for etheric vibrations and other precursors that might indicate either treason by the crew or malicious interference by an outside entity.

It’s a shame that the specularii agents didn’t foresee the event that led to the death of Lt. Vanner Anderson, but other than that, their work was deemed successful and vital to the space program of the United States – even if independent scientific research agencies could not replicate their results and criticized their methodology[1].

About this time, the NSA also worked in a surprising collaboration with the Vatican’s Secret Police to track down a Defense Department satellite that had gone off course and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. A report from the specularii indicated that rogue mental transmissions from ROCKET TEAM ONE, that is to say - paranoid psychic outbursts from one unidentified member of the crew, caused the satellite to break from its orbit. These psychic outbursts, the report said, took the form of a repetitive lyric:

“Ezekiel saw the wheel way up in the middle of the air. Ezekiel saw the wheel way up in the middle of the air. And the little wheel run by faith. And the big wheel run by the grace of God. A wheel in a wheel, way up in the middle of the air…”

The specularii prognosticated that there would be a great conflagration erupting in the North West, July 15, 1976 – and of a great many bombs falling in that place – and that a Second American Civil War would break out when President Jimmy Carter was arrested. These predictions were taken as unsubstantiated “miss

[1]  The administrators of these independent scientific research agencies were subsequently committed to insane asylums by the IRS, forcibly committed in some cases.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Weedy by Jeff Carter on

What Is Out There?

So what is out there? Most of space is empty. Most of space is void. But there is something out there. There must be, or we wouldn’t be so compelled to go there again and again.  What is out there in the dark?

* A few half broken robot puttering around in circles on the surface of Mars, unable to complete their missions because of faulty hardware, unable to stop their peregrinations because of their programming.

* Asteroid mining roughnecks living between Mars and Jupiter – giving up ten years of their lives to drill and plunder space rocks for ice and nickel and iron in return for a substantial payout at the end of their contracted time. The risk is great, however: 37% of those space-miners die before the end of their contract. Their families or designated recipients receive a small, prorated portion of their payment.

* The gateway to hell. Several religious sects believe that the entrance to the infernal realm is found in the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. That anticyclonic storm has been raging continuously since it was first observed in 1830. The noise and roar of the turbulent storm, twice as wide as earth, actually raises the temperature of Jupiter’s atmosphere by 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hell is hot and loud, drowning out the screams of the damned.

* Dark Matter and White Light, but not in equal proportions.

* Spinning saucer-craft piloted by either little green men bent on medical experiments of the perverse variety – namely the impregnation of God fearing American women, or buxom Venusian women intent on the seduction of virile, red-blooded, American men.

* Surfaces to exploit. There are always surfaces to exploit. There is always profit to be made.

* Ghosts and demons – malicious entities spreading their hatred through signals from television satellites. That’s how they get to us; television is the vector. They deceive our minds, put us into a subconscious hypnosis. These space demons use what is called the “flicker rate” (the flicker fusion threshold), the frequency of intermittent light stimulus to modulate our perception by superimposing subliminal messages on television programs. This is how they destroy our freewill, how they corrupt our minds – like an intergalactic virus, poisonous creatures infecting our spirits from a distance.

* The former President of the United States of America. Having been impeached and discredited, the previous POTUS fled the surface of the Earth and went into hiding in a bunker on the moon. He is plotting there, with a coven of his satanic high priests, to raise an army of demonized Bolsheviks. His plan is to storm the White House and to retake control of the nation.

What’s out there? Weird and dangerous stuff. Stars and wonder, passion and despair. Out there are all the things we fear and all the stories that we deny. Out there are the monsters that hid beneath our beds when we were children. Out there are shadows and dreams. Out there is wealth, or at least the potential for great wealth. Out there, in the depths of space is danger, fire, heaven, hell. Out there is blood and mystery. Space is filled with mystery.
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